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Email Marketing

It is very effective and inexpensive method to acquire and retain clients. E-mail marketing is an online marketing technique prepared for significant growth in the next coming years. With the help of this method we can help small and medium size businesses to take advantage of this powerful communications tool to market their services.

E-mail campaigns and Newsletter are a proven way to stay in touch with existing clients and to recruit new customers. The newsletter and e-mail marketing strategies, however, is that many times, these campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming, taking up literally hours for managing newsletter campaign and these services.
Rheinindia.com e-mail marketing services have eliminated the tedium, the drudgery, and the hassle of publishing and managing any e-mail and newsletter campaign, and have taken newsletter and e-mail campaign publishing and delivery to the higher stage! Rheinindia.com e-mail campaign management services and newsletter provide the finest, easiest, and affordable method of handling online publication and delivery of newsletters and mailings of any type, whether promotional, personal, or seasonal to reach and recruit new customers.
Features of E-mail Marketing are:
It provides qualified leads for your business
Speed up and delivers time-sensitive announcements quickly and inexpensively
An effective technique for both customer acquisition and retention
Very much less expensive than direct print mail
It generates an immediate response with a link back to your web site
Drives more traffic to your web site
Custom Designed E-mail Communication

A newsletter or advertisement is sent via an e-mail broadcast to a targeted list of subscribers who have indicated they would like to receive e-mail on topics of their interest or promotional topics.

Our Custom Templates Service: Custom template service is the most cost effective way to send a distinctive professionally branded graphics based HTML email communications that insure your brand integrity without ever writing a single line of code. This service includes:

Provide access to our word processor style message composition tool

Single custom graphics based HTML email template to match your existing web site or printed material
A comprehensive design proof with two rounds of design reviews
Turnkey E-mail Delivery and Management

Once you supply your customer or subscriber list (*), original artwork (logo, web site banner, copy and other special content) and we'll do the rest. Our team creates a custom template for a promotional message or newsletter, including unsubscribe, subscribe, "send-to-a-friend" and direct links to your web site. As the custom template has been composed you can use it again and again. By only updating the message or newsletter content for subsequent email broadcasts and sending the news letter.

We don't send anything out without your final approval. We test your message thoroughly before we start the broadcast. After completion you have the opportunity to review the message. After sending the e-mail broadcast, a confirmation sheet is sent to you specifying the quantity and date of the mailing(s). Using application feature all bounced mailings, unsubscribed and subscribes is handled automatically and save time.
(*) As our commitment to digital privacy, your e-mail list must be an opt-in list, which your list members have signed up for voluntarily. We do not broad cast other mail list.
Manage Newsletters yourself

Send news letter at click of button. Yes, it’s that simple. Create your news letter using wizard, build mailing list and send it.

Following are the simple steps to create and send newsletter
News letter creation

News letter management module give you the facility to manage, design and develop news letter using news letter creation wizard in HTML or text form creation.

You can design the best and customize looking news letter by using your own images.

Images loading module lets you upload images and let you mention image path in news letter.

A pre built bottom header gives you all general option to make and look your news letter a professional one.

List and Manage your news letter at one place.

Build mailing list
You can subscribe to our emailing list and then can maintain yourself by adding more emails and through increase its number by adding subscriber form option also.
Send at click of button

Once news letter is ready and you have completed mailing list it’s just simple click of button to send it you can also preview it before sending.

The ability to "Send" immediately, or "Hold" for a future.
Please see Package details for more Information
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