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Vehicle Tracking
RITPL Monitor
Tracking, Alerts and Events
The RITPL Monitor is a web based, secured access service which essentially integrates the operation of the vehicle hardware and the application front end, running on a remotely hosted server. The movement of any vehicle on the roads, along with any events (like pick, drop, break etc.) or Alerts (like Panic, Speed violation, No-show etc.) are captured as time and position tagged records on-line by the GPRS communication channel. All normal time tagged position records as well as event records are suitably stored and shown on live (GIS) map along with plan deviations and alert records. The reports include complete analysis possibilities including distance traveled, plan non-conformances, route deviations etc. This application is specially tailored for people movement requirements of ready and on-line information about multi vehicle fleets and MIS information base for transport vendor management and is fully integrated with other up-stream and down-stream application packages within RITPL People suite.
  • Advanced Device Integration
  • On-line Aggregated Tracking View
  • On-line Individual View
  • Post-Trip Views
  • Integration with Planning Software
  • Security Messaging
  • Scare-Away and Cordless Panic Button
  • MIS and Post Mortems
  • Over-the-air Programming and Data Security
Core Tracking Hardware
Falcom Germany, Model FOX
Each vehicle to be monitored will be provided with this unit comprising of the functionalities of GPS/GSM/GPRS and the MCU controlling the components along with back-up data memory of seven days data. This globally established brand having huge number of installations in the advanced markets abroad can offer the robustness and reliability along with functional versatility and flexibility, demanded by challenging Indian markets.
  • High Sensitivity GPS
  • Three Axes Motion Sensor
  • Automotive Temperature Range
  • IP 65 Enclosure
  • Dynamic RITPL-Fencing Feature
  • Multiple Channels of Communication
  • Direct I/O Capability
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery Back-up
  • Flexible Firmware Environment
  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Local Value Addition
Optional Accessories
  • Cordless Panic Button
  • Wired / Cordless Speaker Mic Unit
  • RFID Security / Passenger Authentication
  • Scare-away Flasher/ Siren
  • Intelligent MMI
9. RITPL Router
Planning and Deployment
This advanced application package has been designed uniquely for the Indian requirement of home transportation service for professional white collar employees in dynamic BPO/ IT industries. It has been developed based on painstaking and arduous research and observations in actual field conditions for years, and possibly the first package to claim completeness in functionalities to handle the dynamic environments faced. The use of latest GIS and spatial database based design will not only ensure virtual automation of an area of operation demanding great manpower and efforts, but also will go a long way in drastically cutting costs, improving safety and enhancing employee satisfaction.
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Fully Automatic, Tunable Optimizer
  • Time-of-the-day Traffic Speed Profiler
  • RITPL graphical Zoning
  • Vehicle Zoning
  • Process or People Category Zoning
  • Multi-capacity Vehicles Optimizer
  • Back-to-Back Trip Planning
  • No Female Last-drop or First-pick (NFLF) and Escorted-trip
  • Self Help for RITPL code Master
  • Automatic Passenger Information System
  • MIS and Billing sub-system
  • Enterprise System Model
  • Dynamic Map Maintenance
RITPL provides a range of services ranging from web and user experience design to development, testing and rollout with a proven track record.
1. Business Needs Analysis and Consultancy
2. Technology Evaluation
3. Solution Design and Architecture
a Solution Design and Modeling
b Web and User Interface Design
c Solution Development, Testing and Rollout
4. Solution Lifecycle Maintenance and Enhancement
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